A Unique Fusion of Live Theatre and Film

Cast and Crew

The MetamorphosisOn Stage: Eric Pettigrew, Jieun Lee, Juliette Morel
On Film: Frank Schneider, Celeste Hastings, Natia Dune, Jay Gaussoin, Jeb Berrier, Barrett Ogden, Brit Whitton

Stage and Film Direction:
Rene Migliaccio
Film co-direction: Vinz Feller
Music: Amaury Groc
Film Costume Design: Roxanna Ramseur
Film Make-up: Nadia Fadeeva
Director of photography: Damian Ward
Film Editor: Matthew Hysell
Producer: Lori Vincent
Actors: Eric Pettigrew and Natia Dune
Actors: Jieun Lee and Eric Pettigrew Actor: Eric Pettigrew


"...This production is a rare thing - a piece of genre-hopping that refuses to take the obvious route and instead proves the greatness of theatre by infusing it with other art forms."
Andrew Blades - The Stage Online.Uk
"...People in the audience 'blown away' by the virtuosity and impact of the presentation by Black Moon Theatre Company of New York. Extraordinary theatre, extraordinarily powerful, impeccably performed and produced. A night of theatre to remember."
George Hummer - Chipping Norton.net
"... THIS IS the Fringe at its best: a startling, dramatic show which has you on the edge of your seat. A multi-media production that's almost a textbook example of how to blend live performance and film... Moving, powerful, a devastating show..."
The Scotsman
"... Intense and eerie, this adaptation of Kafka's The Metamorphosis transports you into a surreal and frightening world... The juxtaposition of film and theatre creates visually stunning pictures... As stark as it is beautiful, this is expressionist theatre at its best.
ThreeWeeks Edinburgh
"... A very considerable achievement, well worth the time of the audiences it justly deserves..."
"...This genius of modernist self-containment is a 20-year culmination of the Migliaccio signature "expressionist realism" collaborative style ... A breathtaking visual marriage of polarities transported this classical drama into the mythical realm of Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast..."
NY Arts
"...The ingenious fusion of film and stage, resourcefully directed by Rene Migliaccio, allows for the evocation of Samsa's effort to adjust to the nightmare of his newly altered state..."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"...A Dr. Caligari atmosphere with a touch of Cocteau..."


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