This production is made possible
with public funds
from the New York State
Council on the Arts



 A multi media creation directed by Rene Migliaccio.

With: Patricia Becker

Collages by: India Evans

Fragments is a multi-media theatre-dance production which examines women's objectifications in patriarchal social conditions. This concept is experienced through deconstructed monologues of female characters: Klytemnestra (Aeschylus), Medea (Euripides), Lady Macbeth (Shakespeare), and Miss Julie (Strindberg).

"Your adaptation and direction of "Fragments" is singular and outstanding. Your talents as a creative force in the theater are truly impressive. The media you created is stunning."
- Bob McGrath, Artistic Director of Ridge Theater

The monologues are interspersed with the cultural, historical, social and psychological perceptions of reality and truth as it relates to the feminine entity, with texts by authors such as: Carol Gilligan, Kate Millet, Helene Foley, Sue Allison, Kaja Silverman, and Gerda Lerner.

A montage of collages by India Evans expresses the feminine in its most personal experience.

Fragments Blackmoon Theatre

Patricia Becker is an actress, dancer and choreographer. She was born in Argentina where she took classes with renowned acting teachers like Manuel Gonzalez Gil and Gerardo Gudino. She took dance classes at Seminario de Danzas del Teatro San Martin from Cordoba and with other well-known teachers. She worked as a dancer for the Ballet oficial de Danzas Israelies and for the Ballet Oficial de Danza Contemporanea del Teatro San Martin directed by Emilia Montagnoli, both from Cordoba, Argentina. She has performed as an actress and dancer in many musicals and plays in Argentina such as: The five women of Sade, Moses of Egypt, The fiddler on the roof, Rhythmic Work by Eduardo Pavlovsky and God by Woody Allen. She also did the choreographies of many musicals in Argentina such as: Frankenstein, Don Mago and Arlequino.

She has performed in many shorts and feature films like: Music love, The voyeur, The story and The imperfect ones league. She has also appeared on the TV series A pebble in my shoe.

When she moved to New York in 2006, she took acting classes with Alejandra Orozco, Robert Castle, Michael Beckett (HB Studio) and Carol Goodheart (HB Studio). She appeared in the musical: Gardel at the Spanish Repertory Theatre, where she also worked in their production of Bloodwedding by Garcia Lorca. Other credits in New York Theater include: The Black Continent, Pandora's Box, The guest and the void and La Celestina. She has also performed in the short film: Slaughterhouse.

India Evans is a NYC born and raised visual artist who is best known for her intimate and poetic collages. Evans was educated at Scuola d'Arte Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy and Accademia di Belle Arti in Perugia, Italy. In 2000 Evans received a BFA from the American University. Evans work has been exhibited at galleries and museums worldwide including Sala Uno Gallery in Rome, Italy, Na Solynanke Gallery in Moscow, Russia, Fred Gallery in London, UK, Knoedler Gallery in NY, the Kratzen Museum in Washington, DC, the Islip Art Museum in NY and the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn, NY. Evans is currently represented by the Pavel Zoubok Gallery. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Sun, Il Venerdi di Repubblica, the NY Observer, Backstage,Time Out and most recently in the Paris Review. In 2009 Evans collages were featured in a video assemblage for the set of Dante's Divina Commedia - Inferno.


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