The Maids by Jean Genet

This production is made possible
with public funds
from the New York State
Council on the Arts

International Collaboration with Kompani Krapp, Norway

After a successful run at USF Verftet, in Bergen, Norway, kompani krapp (Norway) traveled to New York in 2013 (Performances in English)

Directed by René Migliaccio
Beate Bednar: Solange (The Maid)
Kristine Nordby Simonsen: Claire (The Maid)
Marie Grung: Madame


"She loves us the way she loves her bidet." The Maids

Two sisters, Solange and Claire, maids in an upper-class Parisian home, who nightly engage in a series of sadomasochistic rituals while their mistress is away, caused a scandal when it opened in Paris in 1947. Written in 1945 and first staged in 1947, The Maids was based on the 1933 case of the Papin sisters, maids who brutally killed their mother and daughter employers. In this new multi-media adaptation of The Maids, Migliaccio’s mise en scene is a ritualistic interplay of theatre and film, truth and lies, despair, jealousy, and hatred defining the political stuggle between servants and master.


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