CHARLES PONZI: A Dollar and Scheme

Written and Performed by Alessio Bordoni*
Directed by René Migliaccio
*appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

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"Bordoni, playing young and old Ponzi, as well as the various bankers, reporters, and officials he encounters moves from character to character with great precision and accuracy. With his terrific performance, and his tight, well-written script, he gives us a devastating look at how financial scheming can go from cleverness to thievery in one fell swoop...absorbing 70 minute play." Barry Liebmann / Hi Drama

This original piece is a journey through the fascinating experiences Italian-born swindler Charles Ponzi had from the day he left his native country for the U.S.A. to the time he achieved fame and prosperity. In 1920, Ponzi found a way to exploit the rules of capitalism and rapidly emerged as one of the wealthiest capitalists in America at the expense of fifty thousand people. The play is an advocacy against the evils of capitalism when in the hands of amoral organizations and /or individuals. It exposes the mindset of a class of society whose primary aim in life is the pursuit of profit.

Alessio Bordoni is an Italian born American actor who performed in numerous productions throughout Europe and in the U.S. Among his favorite roles were that of Marquis des Arcis in Jacques the Fatalist by Diderot, Schlome in If This Is a Man by Primo Levi, Nikolaj Stavrogin in The Demons by Dostoevsky, Dante in Dante's Divina Commedia - Inferno, and King Herod Antipas in Oscar Wilde's Salome. Charles Ponzi - A Dollar and a Scheme is Alessio's debut as a playwright.



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