Grand'Peur et Misère du Troisième Reich

(Fear and Misery of the Third Reich)

by Bertolt Brecht

Directed by René Migliaccio

Produced by Compagnie Théâtre Artefact

Performed by: Shauna Bonaduce, Pascale Brochu, Catherine Brunet, France Dandurand, Emilie Fecteau, Jean-Charles Fonti, Valérie Gagnon-Laniel, Stéphanie Ribeyreix, Jean-Philippe Richard, Mathieu Samaille, and Vanessa Seiler.  

rand-peur posterMay 2012, Montréal, Québec, Canada

International Collaboration with Compagnie Théâtre Artefact

Using Nazi Germany as a metaphor of today's world, this new multi-media adaptation by director René Migliaccio and Company Théâtre Artefact, portrays how the fear of the Other feeds the political and psychological oppression, and how the mechanisms of defense and dominance plunge the individual into decadence. Film, slides and paintings envelop the performers creating an hybrid style of performance where projections of images and theatre interact to expand the performance space.


Producers : Prometheas Constantinides & France Dandurand, Théâtre Artefact
Production Assistant  : Nadine Goulet
Communications: Francis L’Écuyer
Creative Team: Prometheas Constantinides, Stephanie Johnson (Lighting), Anne-Marie Blanchet (Set and Props)
Technical Team  : Alexandre Veysset
Public Relations : Alain-Nicolas Renaud
Poster : Todd Stewart (


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